Food Safety Manual

Food Safety Program for Hospitality Managers:
This is a simple but effective self-learning program that focus on various aspects of operations at a site. We also conduct training sessions based on different need based modules.

Food Sample at sites:
Sample of food served are maintained in a prescribed manner for 72 hours to enable lab examination in case of any contingency related to food served. This helps to understand the problem and thereafter set-up effective measures to prevent such consequences in the future.

Testing of Food & Raw Material at site:
Raw-material & supplies are periodically checked & analyzed in the lab to ensure that quality is as per described & prescribed protocols.

Temperature Record Log:
A log book is maintained to record the temperature of the storage coolers & the Freezers. This ensures no scope for spoilage due to improper storage and also indoctrinates a habit of regular temperature checks by the Kitchen personnel.

Files at Sites

All records & documents are maintained in a prescribed manner in the Files. HSE files to be maintained at site
Kitchen Hazards and Preventive measures:

No. Name of The Files Responsibility
1 SOP, Safety Manual, Licenseses OM
2 Staff Medicals OM/SM
3 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health OM/SM
4 Cleaning Schedules & Checklists SM/Supervisor
5 Formats OM/SM
7 Temperature Record Sheet Storekeeper
8 Food Sampling & Microbiological Report OM/ SM / Chef
9 Pest Control SM/ Chef
10 Maintenance OM/ SM/ Supervisor
11 Training OM/ SM/ Trainer

Kitchen Hazards and Work Safety

• Safety Manual & Maintenance Schedule
• Trips, Slips & Falls
• Ergonomics – Weight Lifting
• Knife Handling
• Physically Hazardous Objects
• Protective Clothing
• Burns
• Electric Appliances & Connections
• Gas Burner Lighting
• Gas Bank & Gas Supply

Our SOP’s

Site Manager’s Daily Walk through

Daily Checklists are filled up every day by the Site Manager at the beginning of his/ her duty hours. All site areas are thoroughly checked and remedied immediately, if required. Proximate actions are taken against non-complainant issues and are logged in the checklist.

Daily Food Testing

This is ensured that the quality & appeal of the food served to the customer is in line with contractual requirements & SHPL standards. This SOP is in the form of a food testing record & the Chef writes significant remarks noticed during the food testing techniques on a daily basis.

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Pre-Food Service Setup

Certain actions are taken on a daily basis before beginning of any meal service at the site. This ensures that standard procedures, service styles, area set- up, merchandising and controls are in line with SHPL standards.

Unit Hygiene , Safety & Environment:

Hygiene is a chief concern to SHPL. This process refers to filling up of a comprehensive checklist on a fortnightly basis to ensure proper hygiene & protection in different areas at the site. QSHSE department is liable to monitor the contents & relevance of the checklist.

Daily Staff Briefing

Through proper briefing session’s team is updated on a daily basis about events, important visitors, changes in scope, procedures related to their task or work-place. All key points, information, queries & notes are prepared & documented in the format for future reference.


Inter-departmental meetings are conducted once a week & Staff meetings are performed once a month where the status on action plans and issues are discussed & addressed. At the end of the meeting action plans & responsibilities are agreed upon and communicated to the entire management.

Client Review Process

CRP Program Review & Continuous Improvement Program follows measurement of Hospitality Services through various tools:

• Weekly Hygiene & Sanitation Program
• Walk-around with Client
• Monthly Progress Review Meeting with Client
• Review and up-gradation of Standard Operating Procedures based on client Feedback
• Calendar of Training Program

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